Saturday, July 12, 2008

like we need another mall in this country.

"Our government officials are not focusing on agriculture; they are more interested in projects where they can make money with which to buy votes during elections. They know that the majority of Filipino voters can be bought and pick their candidates not because of their qualifications but because of their money. So we now have the government we deserve.

For as long as we don’t change our attitude toward agriculture, we will be hungry ants on a covered sugar bowl."
-LUIS J. ALMACEN, municipal garden coordinator, Medellin, Cebu

I rant, so please, bear with me.

A recent talk with a friend gave me a weird feeling about today's Philippines --- increasing hunger and poverty apparently isn't slowing down the construction of malls everywhere. Even in the provinces, where retail isn't much of a demand, the malls are proliferating everywhere.

Should we just succumb and become a nation of consumers?

With increasing prices of oil, food and other goods are sure to follow. While i applaud those who brave the streets and fight the government (or whoever that is they claim to be responsible for all this), i cannot help but ask: Can't WE, as individuals, do something about it, aside from just blaming other people?

We are a people of development, yet in our vain effort to be "developed" we focus on what is least needed --- consumer items which we ourselves do not produce. No wonder nobody stays here anymore. What we need are jobs, work that is structured on what our country has best, and that is land and natural resources. Instead, we burn and pillage these resources to put up malls which only serve (mostly imported) retails items most of us can only afford on paydays. How strange is that? We don't even grow our own supplies anymore---everything is imported in from everywhere else. How sad indeed.

Doesn't that make you think?

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